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Ubiquiti UniFi solutions are great – no annual subscriptions! Also, no paid support – oh no!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

This is the conundrum, lots of companies navigate to this solution but how has it become such a success over the recent years? The answer seems to be within the longtime followers that helped it make their solutions a success. Now, although Ubiquiti is certainly not perfect and not the end all be all – the tried-and-true seem to always find ways to make these products shine.

Case in point - HosiFi

A fairly new hosting platform for some of Ubiquiti’s most popular products like UniFi and UNMS. UniFi seemingly being the prominent tool set in this case. The service supplies business and MSP’s with a full turn-key solution to fully manage your UniFi environment in their cloud partners environments all draped and wrapped with a bow of services and support to keep the “machine running” while eliminating manual cost and process that most would have to be concerned with if they had self or cloud hosted instances.

Some of the addition services include:

• Setup and installation

• Support

• SSL and encryption

• Backups and more….

Hit them up!

The owner seems very much involved and has a pretty cool back-story so I would encourage you to check their website There, you’ll find more details of their offerings and blogs about their journey – very fascinating indeed and a great SaaS success story! Follow @_rchase_ or his company @hostifi_net on twitter or the many other social platforms you’ll find him on.

We can help or assist

One of the reasons why we are writing about HostiFi is that we are very familiar with these solutions and can help your organization get situated onto their network. We are also a DigitalOcean partner and can help with private instances too if you so desire. Contact us to find out more about any of these services and more:

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