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Windows Deployment Services

Network-based installations to set up new computers to eliminate the need for manual deployment on each individual machine.

Making Windows Deployment Easy

We help make your Windows deployment as easy as possible! With our automated process, we'll provide the most reliable Windows solution. We also provide industry leading driver management and monitoring. Let us import all of your hardware inventory, discover, download and analyze your drive to create your driver image. CISteks Technology Group will help you secure an imaging menu front-end (Linux/WinPE) with authentication, identity-driven menus and customizable forms.

We use the ENGL Imaging Toolkit™, a secure imaging front-end that includes Active Directory/LDAP authentication, identity-driven restore menus and custom forms.

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Services include:

Driver Management

Import hardware inventory for a machine model then search for the latest drivers for the Windows version and platform you wish to deploy.

Secure Imaging Menu Front-End

Secure imaging with authentication, identity-driven imaging menus and customizable forms.

Build Console

Import media including Windows OS and .NET Framework, perform driver searches and create an automated deployment process.


Status updates and log files can be automatically sent to a Deployment Monitor server and viewed in the Web Console.

Benefits of Windows Deployment Services

  • Allows network-based installation of Windows operating systems, which reduces the complexity and cost when compared to manual installations.

  • Supports deploying images for mixed environments including Windows 7and Windows Server 2008 R2 through Windows 8.1and Windows Server 2012 R2.

  • Uses standard Windows Setup technologies including Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE), .wim files, and image-based setup.

  • Transmits data and images by using multicast functionality.

  • Allows you to create images of a reference computer using the Image Capture Wizard, which is an alternative to the ImageX tool.

  • Allows you to add driver packages to the server and configure them to be deployed to client computers along with the install image.

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