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With over 30 years of experience in the IT field, CISteks Technology Group has a unique perspective.  We can say this first hand because our founder started from the very beginnings from service desk to directing successful multi-national IT groups for major companies.  The result sets the foundation for not only understanding all facets of our customers' needs but also ensuring we hire staff with similar expertise and experiences to meet expectations.

Our value is transparency and straight forward solutions so that you can benefit from top tier unified technologies while building unmatched relationships with you and your organization.  We also have set partnerships with large popular technology companies for your benefit.  You can work with a local long term partner like us and we can provide the best competitive pricing without you needing to deal with the "revolving door" of account reps at those large organizations.

Along with leading technology partnerships, our core competencies are infrastructure systems and endpoint solutions along with modern enterprise apps and cloud platforms.



We partner with the industry’s best software and hardware companies which offer the best possible solutions for your endpoint, data center and cloud needs to ensure business continuity.  We do this by offering unified solutions that fit your environment.


CISteks ensures high standards of technical expertise through the certifications of our staff members. Your business can rest assured of the quality of the solution provided by our technical experts. CISteks staff members maintain technical certifications from industry technologies:

Data Center     |     Endpoint     |     Infrastructure    |     Cloud     |     Software


CISteks builds technology partnerships with many vendors that allow us to match the most appropriate solutions to your needs. These partnerships enable CISteks deeper access to support channels with our partners and allow us to deliver superior solutions in a shorter time to our customers.

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