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CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA

About Us

CISteks Technology Group is an IT solutions firm that is dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and advanced technologies. We strive to create meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients and go above and beyond to ensure that their IT needs are met.

Our Experience Gives Us a Unique Perspective

With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, CISteks Technology Group offers a unique perspective rooted in our founder's remarkable journey. Our founder began in hands-on help desk roles and quickly ascended to the leadership of successful multinational IT teams for major corporations. This firsthand experience not only equips us with a deep understanding of our customers' diverse needs but also guides our commitment to hiring staff with parallel expertise and experiences, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed expectations.

CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA
CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA

We Value Transparency & Straight Forward Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering transparency and straightforward solutions. Our primary goal is to empower you and your organization with cutting-edge unified technologies while nurturing strong and enduring partnerships. We have forged strategic alliances with renowned technology giants, ensuring that you can harness the advantages of these partnerships.

Choosing us as your trusted local partner means you'll experience consistency and stability, eliminating the hassle of frequently changing account representatives commonly encountered when dealing with large corporations. We are committed to providing you with competitive pricing and a long-term relationship that goes beyond the typical industry turnover.

CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA

Our Experts are Highly Trained

Along with leading technology partnerships, our core competencies are infrastructure systems and endpoint solutions along with modern enterprise apps and cloud platforms.

CISteks ensures high standards of technical expertise through the certifications of our staff members. Your business can rest assured of the quality of the solution provided by our technical experts. CISteks staff members maintain technical certifications from industry technologies:


Data Center




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