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CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA - Data Center

Data Center

Solutions from many top-tier vendors, best of breed servers, dynamic storage solutions, hyper-converged technologies, network infrastructure and more.

Comprehensive Solutions Tailored to your Needs

CISteks Technology Group provides comprehensive data center solutions that are tailored to your organization's specific needs. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to design, implement, and support your data center infrastructure, from servers and storage to networking and software.

Whether you need to modernize your existing infrastructure or build a new data center from the ground up, we have the expertise to ensure your success.

CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA - Data Center

CISteks Technology Group is a DELL EMC and Dell Technologies Partner. This means we are aligned with the proper technology experts who help understand and solve your business problems.

CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA - Data Center

Virtualization and Hyper-Converged

Need advisement with highly virtualized infrastructures to drive more efficiency and scalability? We have partnered with Dell, Nutanix, and other top-tier vendors to provide cutting-edge virtualization solutions based on VMware, Nutanix, and Dell VX-Rail technologies. Our team can help you design and implement a virtual infrastructure that delivers enhanced performance, scalability and flexibility while reducing costs. With our expertise in Hyper-Converged technologies like Nutanix and Dell VX-Rail, we can also help you simplify your infrastructure and streamline your operations.

CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA - Data Center

Storage, Networks & Server Hardware

We offer server hardware and storage solutions from top-tier manufacturers such as Dell and HP, including rack, tower, and blade servers, and direct attached, network attached, and storage area network (SAN) solutions. Our team will work with you to identify the best hardware and storage solutions for your specific needs, whether you require high-performance computing or flash storage, virtualization or scalable network storage, storage-intensive applications or enterprise-grade SAN solutions.

Managed Wi-Fi

Modern Wi-Fi installation & services, regularly updated cloud based controller, remote managed portal and improved Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Running a wireless network is closely related to managing network security devices like routers and firewalls.  It is essential to stay updated with security, firmware and major software updates and patches to help mitigate issues for WiFi endpoints which in turn; run a huge risk to your end users or guests.

We offer a managed and regularly updated cloud based controller and can do this for your environment from our own managed portal.

CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA - Data Center

Not sure what is right for your business?

Our experts will advise you on which arrangement is best for your installation and can take over the management of an existing UniFi installation.  Contact us now to find out how to improve your WiFi infrastructure.

Leveraging our expertise, we conduct a thorough analysis of your existing infrastructure and requirements to tailor a wireless solution that works for you.  Through advanced network management and monitoring, we ensure consistent performance, swift issue resolution, and scalability to accommodate your growing demands.

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