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Still need on-premise servers? Cloud services still not cutting it for your company? Look into Dell

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Some organizations may have some apps or solutions invested in cloud technologies, but for those that still require on site servers, Dell PowerEdge has always and continue to have the standard in “always-on” servers that are very much capable to run almost anything you throw at it! Check out a few reasons why we think Dell out-powers servers with PowerEdge:

Easy to use

  • Agent-free monitoring with OpenManage

  • Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller

  • Power profiles

  • Integration with Microsoft® System Center

Best alignment with application requirements

  • Broad product portfolio, including blades, towers, racks and hyperscale

  • Top performance features, including:

-Dell PowerEdge Express Flash PCIe solid-state storage device (SSD)

-Split drive planar for top drive performance

-Dell CacheCade ™

Best uptime and cost containment

  • Dell Fresh Air thermals

  • Power-monitoring accuracy and extended power range

  • Redundant hypervisors (Secure Digital [SD] cards)

  • Memory configuration error notification

Flexibility to protect IT investments

  • Dell PowerEdge Select Network Adapters

  • Switch-independent network interface card (NIC) partitioning

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