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How to Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

If you’re late to the Windows 10 upgrade game then no worries, CISteks and Micro Focus ZENworks 2020 has got you covered for the upgrade process and beyond!

Easy to do:

Create a bundle (a.k.a app)

Call it whatever you’d like, Window 10 or Windows 10 1909 Upgrade etc.

Requirements – Throw logic at it

You can see below that in my case I’m targeting early Windows 10 editions from 1809 and below. This could work for your Windows 7 systems just the same as all you have to do is change the platform version – easy stuff!

Next, be kind and prompt your users that an available update is ready for them 😉. This one states that their system is compatible (based on the earlier requirements) with this Win10 feature upgrade

Where all the action happens

So, in this example I have the Windows 1909 extracted folder on a share – this happens to be a DC share for demonstration purposes. However, this can also be any share that your users have read access to. Alternatively, and if your workstations have enough local storage, you can go with an “Install Action” to copy the files down to the computer in a pre-defined staging area then launch from there as shown below. Though, this is a Windows 10 ISO extract so we’re talking almost 4GB so a local share will do in this case 😉.

Create your “Launch Action” and fill in your paths to the exe’s and add in any command line switches that will manipulate your setup.exe to run in the preferred manner. This example calls for a silent install with no reboot.

Next, this is one of the cooler things of ZENworks, I’m defining the network that this should be run on – awesome! You see, in a multi-site organization, I need to be able to identify sites and networks all while managing this Windows 10 upgrade with one bundle/app. Gone are the days of creating or copying bundles and tweaking paths for different sites – one app but lots of flexibility.


Earlier I showed you how I suppressed the installation reboot because on this next screen we explain how to prompt for this action giving you or your admin team the control.


This is a quick and simple example on how to push out a Windows 10 upgrade/feature release and it certainly can be applied for your remaining Windows 7 devices (hopefully not too many!!). You could also apply this process to most software deployments with slight adjustments – but I think your get the gist.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and inquire more about ZENworks 2020. It can handle this and so much more so please feel free to check out our endpoint management page for more detail:

ZEN out!

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