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ZENworks 2020 is now more than ever the most robust unified endpoint management system on the market

Recently released ZENworks 2020 is the next iteration the unmatched Unified Endpoint Management and security solution out on the market. Having worked in this industry for quite a long time, I have seen many of these solutions come and go but the ZENworks product line has a rich history and feature set that just works in any environment. I don’t care if you’re an all Microsoft shop, Mac, Linux or one of the varieties of mobile devices on the market – this will handle everything you need.

To be frank, you hear a lot of banter about putting these products head-to-head in proof of concept scenarios but most companies never really do this to completely! Typically, IT shops already have their choice in mind prior to POC’s but I urge those who don’t take the time to do so, take that free product download…take that free 60-day license…install that easy to deploy virtual appliance and go at it!!

You won’t be disappointed as you’ll instantly find yourself in an endless amount of management functionality all within one single pane of glass. I know what you’re thinking, “single pane of glass” – I’ve heard that before 😒. I’d argue that these guys were one of the first to do it within this feature set and keep continuing to make it robust, secure and flexible to accommodate modern day organizations utilizing modern day tech!

Check out the this community article from one of their product managers and definitely click through the supplied links to get more details  Read article here.

If you would like to find out more, purchase or see a demo, please reach out to us here:

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