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Elevating Your Business through Modern IT Solutions

CISteks Technology Group will help improve performance, increase productivity, reduce costs, provide flexibility, simplify management, and guide you to unifying your IT environment.

Delivering Solutions for Over 30 Years

From enterprise hardware, software, and innovative cloud technologies, CISteks Technology Group has the resources, training, and knowledge to help you and your organization modernize or stabilize your tech needs.

CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA
CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA

Our Trusted Partners are Best In Class.

We partner with the industry’s best software and hardware companies which offer the best possible solutions for your endpoint and data center needs to ensure business continuity.  We do this by offering unified solutions that fit your environment.


End User & Mobile Device Technologies

Expert guidance on modern solutions and other top-tier hardware manufacturers that offer industry leading technology for your endpoint environment.

CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA
CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MAUntitled design.png
CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA

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CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA

"We operate in a highly dynamic and global environment, and managing our IT infrastructure was becoming increasingly complex. We were in search of a solution that could provide us with a unified approach to managing our global endpoints, servers, inventory, applications, and patching.

That's when we turned to CISteks Technology Group, and their recommendation was a game-changer. They proposed implementing the ZENworks product suite, promising us a 'single pane of glass' management for our entire global environment.  The results have exceeded our expectations. With ZENworks, we now have complete lifecycle management from provisioning, which is identity-based, all the way to de-provisioning and re-provisioning as needed. It's been a transformative experience for our IT operations.

One of the key benefits has been the level of control and visibility we now have. We can efficiently manage our endpoints and servers across the globe from one centralized platform. Our inventory is accurately tracked, and we have a comprehensive view of our software applications.  The patching process, which used to be time-consuming and prone to errors, is now streamlined and automated. This has significantly improved our security posture and reduced the risk of vulnerabilities.

Working with CISteks has been a pleasure. Their expertise in implementing ZENworks and their dedication to ensuring a smooth transition for our organization were commendable. They've not just provided us with a solution; they've empowered us to take control of our global IT environment.

We highly recommend CISteks Technology Group to any organization seeking comprehensive, unified endpoint management solutions. Thanks to their expertise, we're now better equipped to thrive in our global operations."

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Greater Boston Area


CISteks Technology Group - IT Solutions - Waltham, MA

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